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About Us


My name is Ibo. My story takes place on december 2020. Just around the time of the winter solstice and great conjunction that marked the transitioning into the age of aquarius. 

I had developed a practice I call yinzaro yoga, which combines yin yoga with quantum reiki healing. A practice that will soon be available in this app. 

But by using this approach I entered very deep states of meditation and at the end of my practices I started to sense energetical beings around me that was healing me and transfering a lot of energy and information into my being.

Copy of Smiling.jpg
Copy of Smiling.jpg


Mission is healing the planet through people. We create apps such as Anzaro Quantum Healing app and My Sleep Affirmations app that help people grow and heal, while planting trees in the process. 



The plan is to build forests first globally. We are on an epic journey to plant millions of trees. Some we plant ourselves and some through our partner organisations. 

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