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Creating Apps that heal people and plant trees

Anzaro Quantum Healing

Our latest app is a consciousness expanding app that teaches about energy work and how to tap into unity consciousness

Our mission is Heal the World by Healing the People. And we are going to do it by creating different apps, that will plant millions of 🌳's

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My Sleep Affirmations

Our first app available on both iOS & Android. An app that can reprogram the subconscious mind through self-recorded affirmations that are repeated while sleeping.The app was developed to remove old subconscious programs and plant new beliefs.


Several users has reported that this to be the most transformational app they have ever used. Planting 1 tree for every 7 sessions, users has planted thousands of tree’s over one year.

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Anzaro Quantum Healing

A consciousness expanding app where you can explore and learn Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork and much much more.

The app will take users through a process of consciousness expansion through and initiation of 3 sessions. During the initiations the users become a channel for universal life-force energy and use the universal life-fore to bridge every single users from the heart through time and space to create a energy network on the planet.

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